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After you have been successfully Juried, your last step is to let us know if you want to participate in the current walk and pay your $40 fee.   This fee applies for two months, whether you participate none, once or twice.  We cannot refund payment for months that you do not participate and there is no penalty for not participating.


​​​Artist Policies: 

Placement: The NBAW will place all the artists in a rotating schedule that will cycle for two months. Artists are moved to various venues in order to give equal exposure to all of our participating artists.Each space is limited to ONE SIX FOOT TABLE or eight linear feet.  If you require additional space, you'll be required (if available) to purchase an additional 8 foot space ($40 per two months fee per space). 


Returning Artists: Artists who have been previously approved to participate, and have not participated in two (2) consecutive quarters will be required to re-submit an application, photos of their current art, and a $20 Jury fee.  Please address any questions to the Director at:


Weather Cancellation Policy: The North Beaches Art Walk will only be cancelled under extreme weather (example: hurricane)related circumstances and there is no "weather makeup date." If the Art Walk is cancelled, there is no refund to the Artists.   If you feel the weather will compromise your art work, that will be a personal decision.  The quarterly fees are not prorated and are non-refundable.  There is no penalty for not participating.


Participation Timeline: 24 hours, or as soon as possible before the monthly Art Walk, please  notify us by email if unable to participate.




$40 Badge Fee

become a sponsor

Sponsorship is a great way to get involved in the arts and culture in our community.   Sponsorship is also a great way to see how your investment in the arts, culture & community effect your business positively.  Partnering with the NBAW through Sponsorship will reach new audiences and show your business in a different light.  If you're an individual, organization or business who supports, serves or would like to be more involved in the arts & your community, please consider sponsoring North Beaches Artwalk. 



become a volunteer

Need volunteer hours for school?

Love the Arts?  Want to get to know your neighborhood and community?

North Beaches Artwalk and the artists are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help!


Contact us at 

You can also message us on the Contact Page!